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Feather Pins

Short & Fluffy Feathers - $20

Select from all color choices here:

The Short & Fluffy pins are around 8" long.

Exact feather combinations and colors can vary.

Short & Fluffy Feathers - Blues
Blues  $20.00
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Natural Plume
Natural Plume  $20.00
On Green Flat Cap
Peacock Fluffy Feathers on Flat Cap
Peacock  $20.00
On Navy Flat Cap
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Green  with beaded pin
Green with beaded pin  $20.00
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Blue with beaded pin
Blue with beaded pin  $20.00
On Navy Flat Cap
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Dark Natural with beaded pin
Dark Natural with beaded pin  $20.00
On Green Flat Cap
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Peacock
Peacock  $20.00
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Wine
Wine  $20.00
On Pleated Flat Cap
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Purples
Purples  $20.00
On on Navy Flat Cap
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Wine, Natural
Wine, Natural  $20.00
On Pleated Flat Cap
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Natural Red Tip
Natural Red Tip  $20.00
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Greens
Greens  $20.00
Short & Fluffy Feathers - Natural, Light
Natural, Light  $20.00
On Mini Top Hat

Long & Fancy $35

Select from all color choices here:

Long fancy feather pins are made from 2  16"-18" ostrich plumes with smaller accent feathers from roosters, pheasants or peacocks glued into a muted gold vase like pin.

Colors can vary in shade.
Custom combos available including silver pins. Please call us.

Fancy Feather Pins
Top, Butterscotch
Botton: Natural Brown
Long Fancy Feather - Purple/Black
Purple/Black  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Cinnamon/Black
Cinnamon/Black  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Butterscotch/Antique Green
Butterscotch/Antique Green  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Red/Black
Red/Black  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Peacock/Black
Peacock/Black  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Wine/Black
Wine/Black  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Black/ Black
Black/ Black  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Blue/Black
Blue/Black  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Butterscotch/Cinnamon
Butterscotch/Cinnamon  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Butterscotch/ Brown
Butterscotch/ Brown  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Green/ Purple/ Peacock
Green/ Purple/ Peacock  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Green/Black
Green/Black  $35.00
Long Fancy Feather - Green/Brown
Green/Brown  $35.00
Peacock Fluffy Feathers on Flat Cap
Green/ Purple/ Peacock  $35.00
On Green Flat Cap
Butterscotch / Cinnimon feathers
Butterscotch/Cinnamon  $35.00
On Pleated Merlot Flat Cap
Elizabethan Tall Hat
Elizabethan Tall Hat
with Natural Feathers
Flat Cap
Elizabethan Tall Hat
with Long Fancy Feathers

Single Feather $10

Select from all color choices here:

Single feather plumes measure about 18" long

Feather Pins

Feather - Antique Green (tannish)
Antique Green (tannish)  $10.00
Feather - Butterscotch
Butterscotch  $10.00
Single Feather Pins
Brown, Wine
Feather - Golden Yellow
Golden Yellow  $10.00
Feather - Cinnamon
Cinnamon  $10.00
Feather - Dark Green
Dark Green  $10.00
Feather - Light Blue
Light Blue  $10.00
Feather - Medium Blue
Medium Blue  $10.00
Feather - Navy
Navy  $10.00
Feather - Natural (unbleached, brown markings)
Natural (unbleached, brown markings)  $10.00
Feather - Periwinkle
Periwinkle  $10.00
Feather - Purple
Purple  $10.00
Feather - Purple Wine
Purple Wine  $10.00
Feather - Red
Red  $10.00
Feather - Wine
Wine  $10.00

Not all colors are shown with photos, check the order link at top for additional colors.
Choose links at top to view different Feather styles

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